Privacy Policy visitor’s privacy is very important to us. This privacy policy helps you to understand our site and we have designed it in such a way that anyone can understand it very easily.

How and which information we collect?

Mainly your information such as name, email is collected from the comments section, through the contact form and with the help of google analytics. We only collect personal information by fair means and lawful. We will also protect your information against loss or theft in any condition.


We provide all the information on our site for free in the meantime we use ad networks to make money through advertisement.

Links contains some links to third party websites and our website is not responsible for the content and privacy policy of those websites.

Update in the privacy policy?

We can update our privacy policy any time and all the changes about privacy policy will be made only on this page. You will be informed as we make changes to the privacy policy.

Terms and Conditions?

We assume that you are agreeing to the privacy policy by using our site.

What we can do if you break our privacy policy?

We have full rights to block you if you break privacy policy, if you do spam comments those comments can be deleted without any warning and information.

How comment will be checked?

In most cases, the comment will be checked through an automated WordPress plugin and comment also be check and moderated manually whenever possible.

How to use our website?

  • This site is not mine this site is also yours please make suitable comments.
  • Do not post spam links in comments.
  • Do not abuse and use nonmeaningful words in a comment.
  • Do not misbehave with other users of our website.
  • If you have any problems related to our website and have any suggestions you can contact us through our contact page or email.
  • Only post comments related to the article.

How to Contact us?

You can contact us in two ways:


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